When: September 12, 2015

KCRPG-LogoJoin us for another FREE day of family friendly RPG gaming in Overland Park, KS at the next quarterly Greater KC RPG Day!

We have three gaming slots: 9am, 2pm, 7pm until the last die falls! Eight tables for gaming, plus two more tables for games & demos that run less than 2 hours.

RPGs of all stripes from new to old. Check it out and help make the next GKC RPG Day another one of KC's great game events!

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Tabletop Game and Hobby (map)
6990 W 105th St
Overland Park, KS 66212
(913) 962-4263


Midwest GameFest has had an incredible first full week of our Kickstarter campaign, reaching the halfway point in just a few days! Amazing! But there's still a long way to go, and a short time to get there so keep spreading the word and sharing the positive vibes.

We've got a lot to let you know about, so let's get to it!

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Stretch Goals

Fai Chen's Fantastical Faire 

$5,000 – Fai Chen's Fantastical Faire

We're pleased to announce our first stretch goal is in place! If we hit the $5,000 funding level we'll have Fai Chen's Fantastical Faire, the official D&D Adventure League trading post. Fai Chen is a special event that can occur only at conventions hosting D&D Adventurers League adventures. At the Faire, AL players may trade permanent magic item certificates and may purchase consumable item certificates. Riding along on Fai Chen's mule-driven cart will be Jon Lamkin, the AL Regional Coordinator for the U.S. Plains region. Jon will be helping Fai Chen in his tasks and also running AL events. Having Jon and the Faire will be a great boon for AL players at the convention, so lets make this happen!

Heroes of Rokugan Reward Levels

Heroes of Rokugan

Our first organized play reward levels are for the amazing and long-running Legends of the Five Rings campaign Heroes of Rokugan. HoR backers can choose from three reward tiers:

  • $5 Reward: AM I DREAMING?
    Backers get a copy of the “Am I Dreaming?” cert for Heroes of Rokugan: The Nightmare War, allowing access to any printed Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition character option, as long as there are complete rules in the book! HoR has never offered a cert like this before!

  • $55 Reward: YUMEMUSHA
    Backers get a 4-day pass, a copy of the “Yumemusha” cert for Heroes of Rokugan: The Nightmare War, granting possession of a rare nemuranai, a Dream Shard, for use in the campaign. These mysterious items grant their possessors knowledge of worlds beyond the ones we know, potentially including both hidden histories and esoteric skills while traveling through distant dream-realms.

  • Bold: $150 Reward (limited to 5): BLOODBOUND
    Up to five backers get a 4-day pass, a copy of the “Yumemusha” cert for Heroes of Rokugan: The Nightmare War, and a seat at the Sunday morning exclusive slot of “Bonds of Blood,” an unreleased Heroes of Rokugan 3: Spirit of Bushido mod run by the mod’s author and HoR3’s head admin, Cory Mills!

New Add-ons

Premium Badge HolderIn addition to our great dice, mugs, t-shirts, steins, etc, backers can now add an RPGKC premium badge holders to their pledge level. We're also offering the Heroes of Rokugan "Am I Dreaming" and "Yumemusha" certificates as add-ons for backers!

Onsite Food and Drinks Until 7pm


Overland Park has some of the region's best food options, many of which are only a short drive away. But for folks who want to stay inside the convention facility and maximize their game playing we are pleased to offer onsite food options right in the convention pre-function area! Pizza, hot dogs, nachos, wraps, sandwiches, yogurt, soda, and more will all be available from 8am to 7pm. Coffee will be available in the pre-function area until noon. In addition to this, the convention center's own cafe, The Cyber Cafe, will also be open during most of the event offering similar options.

Free High-Speed Wi-Fi

OPCC Wi-Fi SpeedBoth the main game hall and our pre-function area at the Overland Park Convention Center will feature complimentary high-speed wi-fi. Network conditions will vary with the number of active users on the network.

Guest Lounge

Guest LoungeSpecial guests, VIGs, and volunteers can take a load off their feet at the Guest Lounge. Each morning these special folk can enjoy donuts with coffee and relax in a comfortable lounge chair while they get ready to start the day. Between events they can retreat here to take advantage of the water cooler, and enjoy a great place to bring lunch or dinner!

Military/Service Discount

We're pleased to announce a new reward level available exclusively to current or retired Fire, Ambulance, or Law Enforcement personnel or persons with valid Military credentials. Backers at this level also receive a premium badge holder.


It's been a great ride so far, so lets keep the momentum rolling! We'll be posting another update soon with more organized play rewards, special guest announcements, and event submission dates! Stay tuned.

RPGKC 25th AnniversaryDon't forget our monthly online business meeting September 5th at 7pm.

Check out our Facebook event discussion of details.

Try to show up a little early to work out any tech issues. See you there!

Join Meeting

Phone users can dial in at 1-323-920-0091 and use PIN 2070521#.

Business meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month and use the AnyMeeting.com web conference system. If you have an item for the agenda, please send it to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. one week in advance.

Check out our Calendar to see when the next meeting will be.


The RPGKC is proud to announce the launch of the Midwest GameFest Kickstarter, running from today until September 8th. Midwest GameFest is a four-day tabletop game convention being held this November 12-15 at the Overland Park Convention Center.

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Why Back Us

We need to fund the entire operation in advance, and we've got some incredible backer rewards to make that happen. As a backer you get:

  • early access to event sign-ups
  • substantially lower prices than those who pay at the door
  • access to all non-exclusive convention events
  • eligible for special drawings leading up to and during the convention
  • eligible for stretch goals and add-ons like commemorative dice, t-shirts, and more!

Backers who commit to host events or volunteer can select a reward level that reflects an even lower price, all the way to down to one dollar! We've got some great early-bird and premium packages, and if you like memorabilia you'll want to check out our dice, t-shirts, and more! Exhibitors can lock-in their booth space early and use add-ons to get more space! Supporters and Sponsors aren't left out either. Got a group? We have group pricing, too.

Importance of the Campaign

Funded with KickstarterWith the Overland Park Convention Center, the Role-Players Guild of Kansas City has secured an outstanding event facility in a great location with easy access to the highway, tons of parking, incredible amenities, an amazing attached hotel, and lots of room for growth going forward. But as with many great venues, payment is due upfront. Most of the money has already been paid out of the Guild's coffers, but some remains. We need to wrap up the minimum amount of funding with our Kickstarter, and then replenish our funds through stretch goals, perks, and other special rewards. If we make back our investment, we'll continue hosting the event with the same high production values next year!

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More About Midwest GameFest

Midwest GameFest brings together long-running regional conventions ShaunCon and Borderwars and throws in the extensive gaming hoard from the Gamer's Haven Game Library to provide four incredible days of tabletop gaming.

ShaunCon, Bordewars, and Gamer's Haven Game Library

More About the RPGKC

Role-Players Guild of Kansas CityThe Role-Players Guild of Kansas City, Ltd. is a non-profit group of role-playing game enthusiasts dedicated to bringing quality gaming to all and educating the public about that gaming in Kansas City and the surrounding areas since 1990. One of the largest game clubs in the midwest, we maintain relations with many game companies, industry luminaries, local game shops, and Midwest gaming groups. We play mainly roleplaying games and board games, along with some miniatures, card games and LARPs. Our members play at Guild-hosted events and often arrange their own game sessions. The majority of our members reside in the Kansas City metro area, with some located across the nation. New players welcome!


Kansas City Comic ConShort notice, but we have a handful of free passes to KC Comic Con 2015, coming up in two weeks on Aug 7-9, for those who can help out in the roleplaying area running games or just helping out. You will have plenty of time to walk the hall, but first priority will be the gaming room.

First qualified folks we get are in, but need your answers this weekend! The sooner the better.

If you’re interested in this, shoot an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with:

Full Name
Days available (preference given to whole-weekend folks)
RPGs you can run (preference given to RPGs)
Board games you can run (a game library will be available)
RPGKC Member?