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Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of the RPGKC Members blog! My reasons for writing this post are twofold: getting the blog rolling, and recruiting for a special committee. Read on for the details!

New Members' Blog

First, my goal is to set the members blog up in the first place. There has been talk for a while now about starting a blog and now I am finally taking the plunge!

“But Beth!” the strange voice in my head might say, “there are already so many great gaming blogs out there! Do you really think we need another one?” 

Great question, voice in my head! In this space, I hope to not only talk about things that are important to gamers everywere and some Kansas City news but also have to have a place to talk about Guild specific events and issues as well! We hold a lot of events and volunteer at other conventions, as well. This will give us a long form space with interactive media to talk about these items.

Also, in the past, one of the things the Guild did was publish a “Guild Newsletter”. This blog may be an opportunity for us to have articles, guest writers and information in a format that may feel similar to members who have been a part of the Guild for a long time.

Harassment Policy Committee

The second reason I am writing this today is for recruitment to a special committee I am leading. This newly formed committee will be looking into the harassment policy of the Guild and of the convention Midwest GameFest that we host in the Fall. As mentioned, the Guild hosts and participates in a lot of events! We have Game Days each month, different conventions and special one off events throughout the year (like Free RPG Day on June 18th). As of right now, we do not have an official harassment policy and the truth is we need to have one. With so many of our membership volunteering their time as well as hosting events; it is necessary for us to have a policy to be able to handle situations of harassment and inappropriate behavior.

This committee would be meeting three to four times (more if needed) in the next two months. I am hoping to have a proposal for the Guild as a whole by July or August. I would like to meet in person at least once but after that would be up to the group if a digital meeting would be preferred. Interested parties can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


So, there you have it folks! The first blog post for the RPGKC! You can reach out to the Guild on Twitter, Facebook or our website or you can reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook!

Beth and her other bearBeth perrin is the Guildmaster of the Role-Players Guild of Kansas City since 2014. She has been gaming since she was 15 years old and has never looked back. She is a lover of Cats and Basterdswords. 

Have any questions? Give us a shout here.