Our monthly business meetings and some of the monthly Game Day events are hosted via Discord, a free text, audio, and video service. You don't need anything more than the cell phone, tablet, or web browser you're using right now. There's nothing to download or hook up, but a mic and headset would be great. When a game is involved we use a number of online virtual tabletops (VTTs) including Roll20Tabletop Simulator, and more (game hosts decide). Discord is a web-based service that also has great desktop and mobile apps.

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No. You can join the Discord server with a standard browser and get a good experience. However, most people use the stand-alone Discord app which can be found at https://discord.com/download

The app offers improved performance for some users. High bandwidth is more important than using the app itself.

While discord can be used on a tablet or modern cell phone, it is generally easier played on a computer. The key factor is a good connection; a strong wi-fi connection should work fine, but as with most internet technologies a wired connection is preferred. While a hotspot or cell phone can and do work, it can be disruptive and disrespectful to other players if the connection is poor. Please test your connection speed beforehand.

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