Free RPG Day 2014It's that time of year again! Free RPG Day is coming Saturday, June 21, 2014 to game stores all around the metro. What is Free RPG Day, you ask?From their website:

Established in 2007, Free RPG Day works with participating hobby game retailers and RPG publishers to bring new and exclusive RPG quickstart rules and adventure modules into the hands of gamers.

Consumers WORLDWIDE will be able to grab brand new material for a variety of RPGs --- no overstock, retail-priced or dead product here. The goal of Free RPG Day is to inspire gamers to play a new RPG, which will in turn, create sales through local game stores. Use the retailer locator to find a participating store near you!

To support this event and our friendly local game stores, several Guild members will be running games in the KC metro area. See below for our schedule:

Pulp Fiction

1100 SE Blue Pkwy, Lees Summit, Missouri, (816) 554-7333

12pm - 4pm: 13th Age with Kevin Elmore

11am - 3pm: Lamentations of the Flame Princess with Doug Howard

5pm - 9pm: Mage: The Ascension with Doug Howard

6pm - 10pm: 13th Age with Kevin Elmore

Game Cafe

107 W Lexington Ave, Independence, Missouri, 816-252-7529

11am - 4pm: Pathfinder with Adam/Stefan

5pm -10pm: Shadowrun 5th Edition with Adam/Stefan

5pm - 10pm: 13th Age with Adam/Stefan

Galaxy Games

3618 Charles St, Saint Joseph, Missouri, 816-232-4263

11am - 3pm: Shadowrun 5th Edition with Brad Kelley

11am - 3pm: Lamentations of the Flame Princess with Ryan Perrin

4pm - 8pm: Shadowrun 5th Edition with Brad Kelley

4pm - 8pm: Lamentations of the Flame Princess with Ryan Perrin


Have any questions? Give us a shout here.