KantCon 2020

Great news! This year's KantCon has been reborn as KantConline for the same dates, July 17-19, 2020! Event submissions are being accepted now. 

In the meantime, show your KantCon pride by wearing your KantCon t-shirts and posting photos online of KantCons past! =)

Details from KantCon's official statement can be found at the KantConline 2020 FAQ.

KantCon 2020KantCon 2020 has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak affecting the world. The RPGKC is saddened but not surprised by this, as we are all struggling to handle the pandemic and its fallout. Dates have been set for 2021, though, so all is not lost. Look for KantCon to return July 16-18, 2021 at the Overland Park Convention Center.

In the meantime, show your KantCon pride by wearing your KantCon t-shirts and posting photos online of KantCons past! =)

Details from KantCon's official statement can be found at the KantCon 2020 FAQ.

KantCon Early BirdEarly bird passes for KantCon went on sale February 1st and are available through March 31! The convention runs from July 17th through July 19th this year, 2020, at the Overland Park Convention Center. This is your opportunity to get tickets to KantCon when prices are at their lowest! This is also your only chance to bundle exclusive KantCon 2020 merchandise with your badge.


Note: Paid RPGKC members receive a discount on admission AFTER Early Bird access is over, so the two discounts don't stack. RPGKC member discounts are claimed with a special discount code available only to RPGKC members. Reach out to an officer to receive your discount code. The best option is ALWAYS to go with Early Bird, but if you miss out don't forget your RPGKC discount!

kantcon dragon gm screenEveryone loves KantCon, Kansas City's great summer-time tabletop hobby gaming convention held each July at the Overland Park Convention Center!

For years, paid RPGKC members have enjoyed a 20% discount at KantCon's registration desk when they mention that they are RPGKC members. This effectively extended the Early Bird discount to at-the-door. But it wasn't great for folks who wanted to pre-register and sign-up for events ahead of the convention.

Improved Discount

Today, we are pleased to announce an improvement to the discount that paid RPGKC members receive at KantCon. Paid RPGKC Class I members (both individual and famlies) receive a 20% discount on pre-registration at KantCon! This is no longer just at the door. To get this discount you have to use a special discount code during the checkout process.

Get Your Discount Code

To get your discount code, reach out to an RPGKC officer in person or via email and ask for your code. This may seem a little circuitous, but KantCon wants to err on the safe side to curb any potential abuse.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the message, include your name and the name the account is under if other than you. If you have your member number, then please include that as well. =) An officer will verify that you are a paid member in good standing and get back to you with your discount code.

Membership Lapse? Renew Today!

Membership laps? What a great opportunity to renew and enjoy your benefits! Just login with your existing account (request your username/password if forgotten) and renew.

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Not a member but would like to be? Great! Membership is very inexpensive and pays for itself in discounts to area conventions.

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Don't Delay

Don't delay! Event submissions are underway now, and you don't want to lose your seat! =)


Early Bird Last Chance

This weekend is your last chance for Early Bird Tickets! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your badge while prices are their lowest. This is also your last opportunity to buy one of our special Early Bird Packages. They’re the only way to get extra dice, a 2019 KantCon T-shirt, and other merchandise at a value combined with your badge purchase! Check out this link for full details and to buy your badge now: https://www.kantcon.com/buy-a-badge

Our VIG packages will be on sale for only one more month! This will ensure our KantCon representative will have plenty of time to work with you on your custom adventure. This badge also comes with a lot of SWAG, including a custom VIG T-shirt, and our first ever KantCon water bottle, exclusive for our VIG gamers. We only have one more VIG spot, so grab it before it’s gone! https://www.kantcon.com/product-page/vig-badges

Also, don’t forget, our event submission is now open! We are taking submissions for any and all games you want to run at KantCon. All you need to do is fill out the form here after you have a badge: https://www.kantcon.com/event-submission

Have any questions? Give us a shout here.