Early Bird Last Chance

This weekend is your last chance for Early Bird Tickets! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your badge while prices are their lowest. This is also your last opportunity to buy one of our special Early Bird Packages. They’re the only way to get extra dice, a 2019 KantCon T-shirt, and other merchandise at a value combined with your badge purchase! Check out this link for full details and to buy your badge now: https://www.kantcon.com/buy-a-badge

Our VIG packages will be on sale for only one more month! This will ensure our KantCon representative will have plenty of time to work with you on your custom adventure. This badge also comes with a lot of SWAG, including a custom VIG T-shirt, and our first ever KantCon water bottle, exclusive for our VIG gamers. We only have one more VIG spot, so grab it before it’s gone! https://www.kantcon.com/product-page/vig-badges

Also, don’t forget, our event submission is now open! We are taking submissions for any and all games you want to run at KantCon. All you need to do is fill out the form here after you have a badge: https://www.kantcon.com/event-submission

Have any questions? Give us a shout here.