Help Us Run Role-playing Games at Recruits!

Just fill out the form below so we know the details. We'll take care of getting your event on the schedule at Recruits! If you have special requirements and/or are running a live action roleplaying (LARP) event, please add that information.

All Ages Allowed

Since Recruits is primarily designed to introduce new players from all over the Midwest into historical, science-fiction, and fantasy miniature and board gaming, game masters must allow minors in their event. Game Masters may not state "No Kids Allowed."  

However, you can require adult supervision (i.e., parent or guardian) for students under the age of 14 if desired, but this must be stated in your event description, so it will be printed in all convention material (Web Site PEL and Program). Simply state "Under age 14, only with playing adult" at the end of your description if this is a problem.

Hospitality Suite

GMs are still required to pay the $5 fee for the weekend, but get access to the GM hospitality suite!

If you have questions, shoot us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Details on Recruits can be found at their site: http://www.recruitsconvention.com/

Game Master Information
Event Details

Role-playing events at Recruits don't follow the typical event slot system because RPGs are usually longer than 3 hours. For RPG events, we will use a standard 4-hour convention slot with an hour break between.

Have any questions? Give us a shout here.